Sculpting in wood has always been the primary avenue for my expression of inspirational moments. The very nature of wood: its sensuous feel, its beauty of grain, its composition of heart and sap wood, allows the sculptor to move chisels into, around and through the wood, in a poetic ballet of movement. It has been a life-long learning experience to work my creativity in an attempt to release figures, movements and expressions from within the depths of the wood.

I achieve a fine balance between the work of chiseling and the intricately delicate work of "feathering" my rice paper bird sculptures. Exploring plant fiber papers, or "rice" papers, has allowed me to study the complexity of bird and butterfly species. All of my birds and butterflies are life size and representative of their species. Whether cutting and adhering body and flight feathers to my birds or "veining" butterfly wings with silk thread, I take great satisfaction in detailed expression.

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